My road to success was not easy. I went through a series of troubles and challenges. 

After a slight half of business in 2017-18, Heera Group managed to bounce back in the business world. Heera Group miraculously bounced back in business. However, there were many challenges in my road to Resurrection but I single-handedly fought every battle gracefully and resurrected my Empire. Heera Group has been serving the community in various ways but some politically motivated people tried to frame it in fake cases. In 1998, I laid the foundation of the Heera Group of companies with a sacred motive to serve society by various means. I have built several educational institutions for poor and marginal girls of the society. For the first time in the history of the Republic of India, a business organization donated a certain amount of profit for women and child development causes.  

The love and affection which I have been getting these days are totally unconditional.  

Everything was going smoothly and by the time Heera Group became the protagonist. The love and affection which I have been getting these days are totally unconditional. Allah has given me so much reputation and prestige, even a queen does not get this much honor. Heera Group is the only company in the last 50 years of history to bounce back after crushing allegations that put a highly profitable company through the doors of crises. The company has bounced back by fighting the legal battle and is operating at optimal capacity. More than 70% of the company’s members stood with me even during the rough patch. 

The Heera group went through intense public scrutiny ever since the fake news of an alleged ponzi scam broke out. The worst part of the story is the company has to go through a series of complications that would otherwise be avoided. May Allah give me more success and fame in the upcoming days, InshaAllah.  

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