My Struggles against jail torture.

nowhera shaik

Struggles Allah has been giving me strength and courage to hold on, fight on and stay firm against our everyday struggles. Allah (SAW) says in Holy Quran “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient…Who, when disaster strikes them, say, ‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return”.  I laid the Heera Gold halal investment scheme to promote halal money in the community. Lakhs of investors from India and overseas made a profit from the Halal investment scheme, and everything was going well. Meanwhile, A group of politically motivated people lodged an FIR against the Heera Group and me for fraud.

They lodged an FIR against me across the country and accused me of fraud. They alleged that Heera Group duped the investor’s. Police conducted several raids in my office and destroyed software and data. Police arrested me without a warrant and put me behind bars. I spent two and a half years in several Jails across south India and went through various tortures. Police arrested me for that crime I have never committed, but Alhamdulillah Supreme Court granted me regular bail. On August 5, Judges of the Apex Court granted me regular bail.

Police department and they have harassed me.

For 8 months I was bothered by the police department. Sparingly they have harassed me. On each day of the police custody I was interrogated, and was under pressure of the police department. But I wasn’t in custody. I fought for myself. I was touched mentally and even harassed till I broke down. It’s so hard to explain what all went through the custodies during the interrogation of the police department. Moreover I had faced a lot within these months. I wasn’t able to understand why all these incidents took place?  I just want to say I am not a cheater, nor a defaulter, I just went on with my fight and my fight was for Justice and shall always remain for Justice. As I have always being saying and even today say that, “The Heera Group of Companies is family to Me.

I became the victim of political vendetta because I fought for women’s rights and liberty. Government agencies probed many times without warrants and confiscated electronic devices and data. I have been targeted several times, but Allah has always been kind to me, even in the phase of my life. I suffered various atrocities in my life for helping a marginal section of my society. They tortured me in jail, but I never bowed down in front of fascist forces. Today I am alive and raising my voice just because Allah was with me during the worst phase of my life.

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