My Tremendous Gesture Towards Heera Group Family

My Tremendous Gesture Towards Heera Group Family

My Tremendous Gesture Towards Heera Group Family. Alhamdulillah Rabb Al Alamin, honored for my tremendous gesture toward the Heera Group family. I want to thank Heera Family for always believing and encouraging my social causes. It was a very emotional moment when I was honored for my tremendous gesture. I always feel proud to have such a caring and loving family. Heera Group is the result of decades of struggles which were targeted by some fascist people; but the Alhamdulillah love and support of my family has helped me to fight against them. I always raised my voice against injustice prevailing in the society; and for that i have faced many obstacles which i can’t disclose.

Thousands of Heera Group Family Members Have Got Their Payment Into Their Bank Accounts

Thousands of people have got their payment into their bank account and the remaining are also getting. Especially I have been working hard to repay all the needy and poor investors; in the month of Ramadan and I am personally working on that. Allah Rabbul Izzat will make our problem easy and InshaAllah everything will be fine. Many people come to me and thank me for their payment and I feel happy to see them happy. Because Allah Rabbul Izzat says those people who thank other people, they thank Allah itself. I feel happy to see happiness into their eyes; and the holy month of Ramadan has brought happiness for Heera Group.

Although Allah mentions the conditions upon which our success and failure depends. The first important condition is Belief in Allah and His Attributes; belief in the Hereafter and Reckoning, reward and punishment, the Divine Books and the prophets. Moreover The second condition is the willingness to perform righteous deeds. In the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Especially JazakAllah khair Heera Group family for such a warm and tremendous hospitality. My Tremendous Gesture Towards Heera Group Family

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  1. Assalamalikum madam I would like to request as promise 20% amount will be giving but most of the people not yet received we are supporters and we continued the business with you but try to understand we are also suffering a lot it’s our humble request please send the 20% amount as said thanks

  2. 20% amount deneka waada kiya kya huwa abhi tak nahi mila humko Hyderabad se aapka investors bht pareshan hy

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