Another Historical Achievement For The Heera Group In The Hon’ble Supreme Court

Historical Achievement For The Heera Group

Historical Achievement For The Heera Group. Assalam Alaikum my dear Heera Family, I hope you all are doing well. Masha Allah, I am delighted to see your active support for the Heera Group. Alhamdulillah by all your prayers Heera Group has been witnessing a lot of victories in the Hon’ble Supreme Court; as all the recent judgments’ have been passed in our favor. Our recent triumphs are proof that our Heera group has been a victim of political vendetta; as we chose to fight for justice for the poor and the betterment of the people of India. The order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on the 12th of May, 2022; has discussed various issues about our Heera Group that I would like to bring to your notice.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has regulated the SFIO countless times to date to unfreeze; the bank accounts of our Heera Group so that I can repay the money of all our investors. Nevertheless, the SFIO has not taken this regulation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court seriously, they are not co-operating and unfreezing our bank accounts, All the money of the investors can only be settled when I get access to my bank accounts.

I along with my whole team have been actively co-operating with all the investigation agencies and other concerned; departments every time they approach me or my team for any interrogation. I have always co-operated with everybody and answered every question I was asked. I am yet ready to assist the SFIO in data retrieval as and when I am asked to. We have also brought to the notice of the court that the SFIO help desk that were set up at our premises were only intended to help the SFIO in collecting the details of the claims made against us and not for any personal benefit of ours.

The ASG has put forth that three months be given to be nearer to the goal. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has specified that priority should be given to verification of the claims and assets before disbursement is done so that there does not come up an issue later stating that the money was not returned or so.

I would like to emphasize on this point that I have been trying my best and running from pillar to post to revive my bank accounts so that I can return the money to my investors who have endured such tough times but have still shown faith in me and the Heera Group and have been supporting me all this while. The impeccable support of my investors and my Heera Family is evidence that I have always kept my word and executed my responsibilities to the best of my abilities and I shall continue to render services to anyone and everyone who needs help.

One More Historical Achievement For The Heera Group In The Hon’ble Supreme Court.

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