Only misuse no management miss use of personal information

Only misuse no management miss use of personal information . When the time runs faster than our heartbeats, we should involve kids more in their lovable jobs where they do not have to feel overburdened all the time. Indeed, these measures of taking classes online are not at all appearing as blessings to the children.

They are way more occupied with work at this time. Firstly the unanticipated situation they are going through ended up being alone at the end of the day. Mothers and fathers should encourage the kids to do some kinds of physical activities.

Only misuse no management

I was from a lower-middle-class family, but my parents never really discarded the importance of living with other people. It matures the person from within, and the kind of exposure one gets can never be earned through any online teaching portal. Only misuse no management miss use of personal information

I grew up in the lap of nature, I grew up with the joyous moments of the lovely cool breeze of late summer, I grew up sharing the crumpled chapatis with my friends, I grew up sharing my first sense of romanticism with them, but that at this age I see through the country and its men and women I feel they do not want their children to grow up.

And the wait is over finally the wait is over

How long will you cage your children? I feel a caged life is not even a life, and I see kids of only two or three years old are now always facing the laptop screen and performing numerous tasks like a machine.

The kind of sadness and helplessness I feel is something uncompromising. I’m indeed sounding like an irrational person considering all the fast-forwarded moments that we deal with regularly. But I want to see the overall growth everywhere.

Keeping the child inside a pressure cooker is not the best way to complete good parenting; instead, it is about forcing the child to do everything we, as guardians, fail. I know my blog, the blog of a woman who had spent her childhood under the scorching heat of the sun selling vegetables, is of no importance, But one thing I must say, Squeezing the lemon so hard would only give bitterness, nothing else.

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