People threatened and abused me.

People threatened and abused me for duping their money but it was not true I did not dupe a single penny of my beloved investors. Everything was going smoothly and Heera Group was completely operational but a few politically motivated people lodged FIR just because of a delay in payment. A mere delay of two-four days is not any crime for which you will lodge FIRs in different states across the country. It was all a pre-planned incident just to derail the Heera Group but they could not succeed in their ill intention as we bounced back with more passion and dedication. After lodging FIRs, police arrested me without any prior notice and I spent 810 days in custody.

They arrested me twenty-seven times for the same matter and frankly speaking they could have avoided it. After my arrest, Heera Group’s business halted for some time and matters went to court and everything was out of my hands. I tried my level best to make people understand that Heera Group has not duped a single penny of investors, we just wanted some time to get everything back on track.

I received thousands of messages and calls in which they abused and threatened me.

I received thousands of messages and calls in which they abused and threatened me. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, but I used to keep it hidden from everyone. After all the incidents they could not break me because I have always kept myself stronger. A mere phone call and messages can not break me because they do not know that Nowhera Shaik is an iron lady who has smashed the patriarchal world. Since my childhood, I have been fighting with the patriarchy and went through several atrocities then how can they break me down from just phone calls and WhatsApp threats.

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  1. Yes ma’am it’s proven you are iron lady, but as you said it’s not just four days late in profit distribution it’s from may 17 to October 17 six months and investors patiencely waited without any proven evidence of delay. You totally failed at that time to convince the investors.
    Now also you are examining the investors patience saying ” Who are continued are under the BARKATH OF ALLAH” I don’t know when will that BARKATH come into accounts of continued investors. HOPING THE BEST ALLAH HAFIZ

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