What is religion to you and nature of the religion ?

What is religion to you and nature of the religion .Some would say speaking of religion in Today’s India is the biggest mistake one would never want to indulge in. Religion is the master of all cards in today’s fast forwarding state. But believe me when I was thriving hard to grow up as an individual who would live her life on her own terms, would make her own identity, I never felt the need of describing to others the meaning of religion.

I never found myself cursing fate for getting attested due to her own religious affiliation. And these traits of discussing one’s own religion with mutual peace and harmony was constant, nobody realised some years down the memory lane innuendos would save us from declaring one’s religious affiliation.

Religion and identify

My mother and father were open about discussing their religious affiliations and inclinations, for that we have never been targeted as anti nationals neither we became insignificant, dying for attention. Our own existence was never really hampered due to religious affiliation. We were fortunate enough that we got a chance to endorse ourselves into something good, something that we have had faith in.

I began my coaching centre with only 6 girls, I felt the importance of religious texts to be incorporated into their schedule of learning. I tried explaining both the positive and negative aspects of life through Islam, this actually showed them the ifs and buts the dos and donts. I never asked them to cover themselves with a veil. Those who felt the need to cover they did, I was fine with the rest of the members as well.

Money is important and its power

I preferred giving allowances to the choices, I always had this thought that I should never overburden them with my set of beliefs. I should never try to arrange their lives with my thoughts. If I believe in independence then it is pointless to have control on other’s lives. Independence in its true sense can be earned when we give birth to inclusivity. It is important for a nation to think, allegedly putting stigmatized names on individuals just because she or he was ascribed to certain sets of religious beliefs, can never earn them success.

We as the nation would fail very soon if we continue to do this practice, is this even a practice, this is an utter failure of a System that we are a part of. We, the stakeholders of the biggest democracy, have every right to speak up. We never miss the dates of income tax returns, never miss the chance to show our respect to the country, presently we can not even afford to miss the imposed ritual to unreasonably stand up before a movie gets started, if we can do this much, can’t we expect the least from the providers, are we that ignorant?  Are we that bad?

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