SFIO Has Verified Only 507 And Claims Worth Around 30 Crore

SFIO Has Verified Only 507 And Claims Worth Around 30 Crore

The SFIO has verified only 507 claims worth around 30 crore. Assalam Alaikum Heera Group supporters, friends and family. Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah the holy month of Ramadan has been going. Ramadan is the month of sacrifice, mercy and forgiveness. May Allah accept our duas and forgive us. The holy month of Ramadan has brought happiness for the Heera Group of family. The 24th march SC order was clearly in the favor of Heera Group and all the fest applications were disposed of. The latest update in the Heera Group case is that the SFIO has verified only 507 claims worth around 30 crore. SFIO, on April 12, released the list of 6,023 depositors who filed their claims.

SFIO has verified only 507 claims

Of 1.72 lakh depositors who invested Rs 5,600 crore in the Heera gold scheme, only 6,023 came forward claiming Rs 317 crore. SFIO identified around 1,449 deficient claims worth Rs 69 crore. The deficiency includes multiple claims for the same deposit. The agency also identified 4,574 claims ‘in order’ worth Rs 248 crore. However, they have to be finally verified. So far, only 507 claims are verified, worth around Rs 30 crore.

Truth prevails, finally the Heera Group attains victory.

When i was going through the article published in Times of India i was laughing and happy because of all the allegations made against Heera Group. A series of allegations made against the Heera Group in order to make it vanish from the market. The first allegation was made by a Member of Parliament in front of Hon’ble finance minister of India. The Member of Parliament accused the Heera Group of a 50 thousand crore scam. Later the CCS made 6500 crore and then after it was made 500 crore in Maharashtra. After getting a discount from everywhere Today when I saw the report I found that 500 people have submitted a report in which their payment is 30 crore. I have always been saying that all the allegations made against Heera Group are not true and believed that one day truth will prevail.

If you people will check the company’s salary sleep you will see where the company used to stand. But false allegations made the company shut down but Alhamdulillah’s finally prevailed.

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  1. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah..
    Supporting Members Of Heera groups Families Favours percentage n Quantities & Majority too More n Maximum Mashaallah ..
    Haq ki Jeet ..

  2. Heera groups Zindabad Till Qayamat Morning..Inshaallah

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