Southern the rejected part !

Southern the rejected part .With the bombarding Population and the problems we also see a good amount of rejection that the southern parts face. Southern parts of India are the most rejected of all, according to me. The language and the culture that never really earned the love and respect of the Delhi rulers. We have always been the black, the dirty and non polish people who never get caught with the limelight. With the word Limelight, I recall some of the bitter memories, yes I would call them memories as they have helped me to grow up and never let me rely on somebody else.

I remember how most of the days, I faced ill treatments while doing my best to set up the business. When I used to approach the investors from the northern part, they inevitably used to reject my offer. Firstly I was a woman, secondly I am from the Southern part, where the map becomes blurred and people find an unusual awkwardness Every Time somebody engages with the southern people.

Do we have a inner voice in a head 

How can I forget and forgive the moments from the past, where basic human rights came into the scene because people refused to get us that slightest of authority. How can I forgive the men who wanted to kill the protesters of these black towns as they wanted to continue everything in their mother tongue, I can never because I do not want to. Those who sabotage the effort, they actually wanted to forget that’s why they ended up forgetting. Last year, one big hashtag came out as a trending one, black lives matter, even my fellow Indian sisters and brothers were a part of it.

How an innocent black man was killed while the continuing process of racism in the USA came out. People from that country did everything they could, but I remember the times when my fellow young people were forced to learn a language Because most of the official works of our country are being done in that language. What audacity! But they actually ended up doing that, mainly because they did not have a choice. My question to all the citizens: are we going to compromise with our lives Because we would end up having no choice? Isn’t that unfair, unjustified?

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