Taliban should give women equal rights

Taliban should give women equal rights

Taliban government should give equal rights to women of Afghanistan. In the contemporary world, when people are preparing to go on Mars, how can we confiscate women into houses? Women also have an equal right to get an education and work at multinational companies. Women are no longer weak as men these days, and they are competent to do everything which men can do. Today Women are pilots, teachers, bankers, Cops, doctors, lawyers, and a Head of state. The Taliban government should get out of its conservative thoughts and allow women to participate equally in society. 

Taliban don’t consider us as humans, said Afghan women.

They don’t consider women as humans,” says researcher and activist Humeira Rizai, who fled Afghanistan along with tens of thousands of compatriots to escape the atrocities of the Taliban. She said, “I was born in a rural area during the it rule and could not go to school at that time. It rule in the 1990s set the country back by 100 years, she added. Afghan MP Shinkai Karokhail recalled the turmoil women have been going through since the Taliban took over the country. “It is a terrible situation there. We fear that there will be a rise in the trafficking of women in Afghanistan now that the Taliban are back. 

The militants went to the homes of women activists and politicians who could not leave Afghanistan. “This is the way they wanted to scare women who had to run away or keep silent and not raise their voice. Afghan journalist Fatima Faramarz said Talibani considers women “animals and the Taliban decides to treat them as they please”. I condemn the Taliban atrocities on women and childrens of Afghanistan. Human rights should interfere in the matter and help women to get their rights and liberty.

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