Thank you everyone for your love and support for Heera Group’s hard days. 

Alhamdulillah Rabb Al Alamin Heera Group attained victory in the Supreme Court of India. On March 24th, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India pronounced the order supporting Heera Group. I thank everyone for your love and support during most difficult times. InshaAllah Heera Group’s victory in the court is a positive sign for investors, soon the company will release the pending payment. Much needed discretion from the court and it is the right time for this historical order. Heera Group supporters always stood for me everywhere whether it was court or jail. The 24th March SC order was totally appropriate and I salute the judiciary for delivering justice. After my arrest, the Heera Group data center was destroyed and it was left with nothing.  

Heera Group never ran away; everything was open, Shopping mall and offices were completely operational.  

Heera Group never ran away; everything was open, Shopping mall and offices were completely operational. It was their ill mentality to destroy such a huge business empire. They wrongfully portray the Heera Group as a scammer but the Supreme Court order has made everything clear and crystal clear. InshaAllah Allah will grant Heera Group more fame and name. The Hon’ble court disposed of the petition of litigation of SA colony, as ED has submitted the report that the property belongs to Heera Group solely. While talking about the investigation the Hon’ble Court has strictly said that no other agency will investigate except SFIO.  

The court says, all cases registered against Heera Group all over India, under any agency, must be transferred to SFIO, Hyderabad. No other state can investigate the matter. No other agencies have the right to involve in the said affair. No Enforcement Directorate, No CCS, No CID, all investigations were on the wrong track. SFIO has submitted the report, that many applications received by us are repeated.

from one IBGNo.  

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