Thanks to all the Heera Group investors for their support, they are the real winners.

nowhera shaik

Heera Group investors who believed and Supported in the company during its worst phase. In the last two decades the company has gone through a series of troubles; and challenges but Alhamdulillah we have fought each and every battle together. Our enemies tried to erase us from the date of history but Allah chose us to serve humanity. Allah has always been kind to our organisation and InshaAllah in the future we have a long battle to fight. We are fighting with poverty, we are fighting with injustice and we are fighting with cruelty. InshaAllah, with the grace of Allah (SAW) we will continue to fight against injustice; and will work to educate and empower women.

Those Heera Group investors who chose to stay with us are the real winner.

As you all remember, last time right after I was released by the Hon’ble; I had given three options to all investors. I had laid in front of them the three options of complete trade continuation; partial trade continuation and complete trade cancellation. All of the investors had their own will to choose from the given options. Most of our loyal investors had chosen the first option of trade continuation and to be very fair; they are the real benefits of this situation. I can surely say that those investors who chose to stay with us are the real winner.

The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) authorities have asked the Heera Group of companies to ask its investors who chose the option of trade cancellation to submit their details. They have to fill up a form and submit all of their details to the authorities. After a rigorous scanning and verification procedure, their forms will be granted. After completion of the process investors will get their money back. InshaAllah each and every investor will get their money as we have been tirelessly working to initiate the repayment process. Alhamdulillah for your kind gesture and support we are able to fight for the repayment process. Thank you everyone for always being with me and supporting us during the time of need.

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