The active 19th !

The active 19th .At this point of time when I see people are wasting time on night clubs and fancy shopping I just recall the days of my late teenage years. It was not that extravagant, it was never about showcasing my parents’ money. I do not intend to blame the young minds for that, because I believe the world around us forces the children to behave in certain ways. The money, the fancy worth control the inner values of us. The active 19th

What is religion to you

These days I miss the innate capability of individuals. The Mechanical life has made them so numb that they have forgotten how to introspect. They have forgotten the roots, the sole responsibility that they are meant to oblige by. It is important to remember living alone in a big penthouse would never buy you the happiness you have been longing for, it is true money does buy everything and to earn sustainability in life, money can change so many odds. But once you let that money overpower your thought process, you basically submit your priceless worth to others.

I urge this to all modern parents that do not let your child enjoy a parasitic status throughout the life. Pleasing others in the name of earning money can become dangerous at times, most of the time this tendency grows from a very tender period, mostly from 19. 18-19 are the age of conquering, do not let that go in vain. Parents force their children to look out for options that might seem okay for the family in terms of getting benefits, do you even think about whether the desires of the child fit into that domain. No, most of the cases parents do according to the nation’s thought. Yes, a country’s hegemonic activities play a major role while summing up One’s career choice.

Back in the year of 2010, in the last decade parents had utmost faith in Engineering, they preferred investing money for that only, private colleges made a good round of money due to that. But when a child urged do to something great with the same investment they outrightly disagreed to that. Precious fruitfulness of a child’s wellbeing gets diminished once and for all when the child sees no support from the family. My 19 taught a set of true beliefs, one of all is to never lose hope, and never chase the populars, which is why I stand here alone, like a rock, fearlessly.

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