The female Protagonist lead character

The female Protagonist lead character .Protagonist, antagonist all these are big words, with highly sophisticated connotations. It is very filmy, every time I take up a move in my life as a lead role, I have been played. Since early childhood, generic innocence of mine never really encouraged me to gain second thoughts about these gibberish happenings that have lately taken away so many priorities from my life. I was a happy child, I never intended to belittle the effort of the male of my community. The female Protagonist lead character

female protagonist life history

As my religion has always been shed negative light, and that too with all the celebratory remarks. The popular religions never gave us the minimum amount of respect and it is true that they actually created gaps everywhere in our community, from education to health care everywhere. I saw a good amount of differences. And very naturally the signs affected women ‘s lives as well. Now questions might come to why the lives of the women and why not the lives of the men, now Isn’t that very obvious that when the women from other religions are struggling so hard we the marginalised of all would face the worst.

Who says death is inevitable part of life

I have witnessed how the powerful men and women of this society instead of helping us with the minimal resources tried spreading false rumours as deeply as possible. We the women with veils became untouchables, we have been isolated, stigmatized and what not. Even members from our own community did not spare us from blaming, at times when I used to teach religious beliefs and the history of the religion, the gurus, the masters have tried their best to put an end to it.

It’s my determination and the endless support of my family that I never had to play the role of an antagonist, unknowingly I have always been on the top of the discussions, as if I am running the whole society as a protagonist, I am pulling over, I am pushing. How wrong they were!!!  Now at this stage of my life, I just laugh it out, I just feel People were so jobless that they invested their valuable times on me and made me their live’s protagonist, what a big pitty! A woman of no importance became the protagonist, god must have been very unfair!

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