The guess who is friends of mine !

The guess who is friends of mine .At this time when everything remains a distant reality we can not step outside, can not feel the warmth of others love, I so long for the warmth of a good friendship. Friendship is such a strong word, that throughout my life I refrained from addressing someone as a Friend. My forever coach Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has said friends are like libraries.

One good friendship can change your life. I too believe that. But when I start expecting a friendship out of genuine concern or probably out of my instinctive gestures. I often ask my mind, is it bad to long for a true friendship, does that make me look like a fool? My mind Doesn’t answer, I think God wants me to experience more in life. The guess who is friends of mine

Who had anticipated that the world would face such a pandemic, where we would lose our close ones. Nobody did. And this pandemic made me more homesick. Cravings for friendships have been the regular norm of mine, I Don’t know how long I would live, how long I would see the rising sun, which is why as long as I live, I want to make the best of it. I do not really save any bad energy, any bad feelings for anyone, people come, people go, but the memories stay. I gave a lot of importance to all my friendships.

In the name of god or politicsĀ 

I was the only girl who took every relationship so seriously that even the slightest scratch used to affect me so much that I used to do everything to the best of my capacity to save the relationship. While I was growing up and learning a lot of things, I figured out I was a misfit. The true meaning of friendship has never been learnt by my acquaintances.

They never felt the urge to resolve things Between friends, but I did, somewhere I still do. I still want to get back to the life full of friends, life of laughter and songs, life of purity and emotions. somebody please give me back my days!

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