The Heera Group Supreme Court Hearing 12th May

Heera Group Supreme Court

Assalam Alaikum my beloved Heera Group family, I pray for the happiness and success in everyone’s life. Alhamdulillah, our efforts in keeping up the name of Heera Group are seeing colors. I am pleased to inform you that yet another hearing by the Hon’ble Supreme Court concerning Heera Group has come in our favor. Our last hearing which was on the 12th of May 2022 has brought results in our goodwill.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has extended its support to us in numerous arguments and statements and has strictly directed the SFIO once again to work on data retrieval and to focus on de-freezing our bank accounts. The ASG has specified three months to address and solve this dispute as early as possible. The SFIO has been reminded again to show its emphasis on the major concern i.e., the verification of claims so that the money of the investors is settled rightly at the earliest as this is the biggest concern that needs to be addressed. Also, we have underlined the opposition’s claims of misusing the name of SFIO through the SFIO help desk that we had set up at our office premises. We had set up the desk so that the SFIO can procure the right information from genuine investors.

I have always extended my unconditional support to the SFIO as well as other departments and investigative agencies in providing all the details that were asked by them to me. Be it me, my staff,  or my Heera Group family we have bravely stood up to the truth and not caused any trouble in any of the inquiries or interrogations. The strength that I get to face these false claims against me is because of the endless support and prayers of my Heera Group family.

I have been waiting for the retrieval of data and the de-freezing of my bank accounts so that I can return every pie of the money that my investors are to be paid, I have been requesting all the concerned departments to consider our plea to defreeze Heera Group Bank Accounts. This is the sole reason why there has been a delay in returning the money of my investors.

No matter how long this takes I will stand strong and provide; all the assistance in solving this dispute and settling the money of my investors. I hope this process will speed up now as the Hon’ble Supreme Court has strictly advised the SFIO to focus on the solution which is the return of the money of the investors which can only be done when all our bank accounts are de-frozen and the data is retrieved.

I request my investors to be patient in this as I am putting; in all my efforts to make the returns.

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