The need of the hour –  Women leadership in India!  

Participation of women in society plays an important role in shaping the future of India. Unbiased participation of women in public activities is vital and crucial in making the democracy of India resolute and unbreakable. Off late, the fruitful involvement of women in public leadership has garnered the attention of the global development policy. One can debate against the need for women’s leadership and the reason why it is the need of the hour. The reasons are beyond infinity, to mention a few: the participation of women in public activities is a positive gain for the society because women tend to understand the situations of citizens better and sooner than men both on the intellectual and emotional front. According to research women have more strength than men to face challenges (mentally and intellectually) their responses have been better than the responses provided by the opposite gender.  

Only if the woman of the house is strong the house will be strong, similarly when a woman can handle the chores of life that show her every type of emotion and intellectual strength why should she be stopped from leading the lives of many who are waiting for a hand to pick them up. She is the voice of all the women who are caged in their homes. A country can progress only if all its citizens progress and are given the right of freedom irrespective of gender, religion, caste, and creed. The air that one breathes to survive is the same for both men and women. When the lord himself does not differentiate in his creation who are we to bias people on different characteristics?  

The participation of women in politics helps dissolve the gender inequality issues in our society. For a nation to progress, it is very important to empower its women. And this is why the All India Mahila Empowerment Party(AIMEP)  has been formulated.  

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