To Enlighten the nation first educate the nation


To Enlighten the nation first educate the nation, Education is most important in the development of a country. Education plays a crucial role in the advancement of technologies. Education means obtaining knowledge. A person who has knowledge of his surroundings can survive happily in this society. Education not only helps us in surviving but also makes people aware of their rights and duties towards the nation. Education itself is a right everybody is born with. To enlighten the nation first we have to educate the nation.

In my opinion, every person born in this country should at least be educated to secondary class. Education provides many opportunities in various fields for the development of the country. Education makes people independent, builds confidence and self-esteem, which is very important for the development of a country. Development of the country includes development in fields such as IT, medical sciences, agriculture, economy etc. When people have enough knowledge about a certain field it is easy to bring about new reforms for the development of the society. If a country has education by its side then no one can stop it from developing itself.

Heera Group’s gesture for educating the nation.

Moreover I have studied at Madrasa, and I know the value of education. I have established a residential institution for girls to educate them. I  faced many challenges but never thought to give up. Although I did not stop after establishing a school, and continued to fight with the patriarchal world alone. In 1998, I formed a women’s group to make them financially independent. Heera Group educated girls and made them financially independent. During struggling days, I dreamt of opening a girls school, but I lacked funds, and after getting disappointed from everywhere, I sold my ancestral property to establish a school for poor girls. It’s like a challenge for A girls who hail from a low-income family and dreamt of opening a school, but i never give up.

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