Today, on 27th December I visited the ED Hyderabad office to submit the release of the property attachment.

Today on the 27th of December I paid my visit to the ED office and submitted the release of the property attachment. As the investors had claimed in the Supreme Court of India for their funds on behalf of the investments made to the firm. We have presented evidence to the honorable Supreme Court. I’m following up on each and everything, making sure everything works accordingly. I have been assisting every single agency through which we can get justice.

Those Investors who have come to Heera Group instead of SFIO are getting their payments.

From the very beginning, I have assured investors that their claims would be met sooner. As we are trying our level best by assisting investigation agencies. The Heera Group property is sufficient to meet all the claims. As of now, many investors got their payment in the form of Gold and other Goods which are being provided by the Heera Group. These are those investors who have directly submitted their claims to Heera Group instead of SFIO.

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