Who decides your age by the words how you use?

Who decides your age by the words how you use .Right now I feel even the age of 21 seems pretty low compared to the scary age gap that persists in a Marriage. Marrying a friend of long time, is a different issue altogether but when the marriage is being fixed without getting adequate consent, then one thing needs to be understood that age dies not only seem like a number any more, it is more of a parameter that enables the assigning party whether the agreement is gonna work or not.

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When I ask my family members about the marriage they settle that what actually make them think that finalizing a marriage where the male partner is carrying huge years difference from the female partner, they say without any inhibition that this has been the norm, now who sets the norms, is this us or is there any invisible guide book that comes out to be seen only when there is a marriage.

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I often regret that being at least a prominent face of the rejected women, I Couldn’t bring much change, that amount of change was actually needed. I tried my best to make people understand that a women body needs time to develop biologically, you can not just use it as a machine to produce kids years after years, even in today’s time machines do not perform unlimited tasks without getting charge in the battery, then how come a female body would get that much of stability to run a lot of things like that.

can we guess your age

They are anyway weaker, every month’s acute blood loss leads them to a darker whole, some overcome energize themselves and some actually bare the tiredness throughout the month, the lack of sanitation never really allowed the women to have good menstrual health, and all these points go really well when I picture a moment from the rural venues of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and even in Kerala, Chennai. Who decides your age by the words how you use

Even these days only a handful of women enjoy the chance of having a proper diagnosis of their body. Some of the diseases remain unnoticed and that actually affect the marriage life. Parents barely bother them and almost sell their female at the most tender age, when Actually the body starts reacting in a different way. In defence they say society decides the age of marriage. I often think is this the same society who only decides the worst and never comes to bear the responsibility? 

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