Who says death is inevitable part of life ?

Who says death is inevitable part of life Those who say Death is inevitable you can not avoid are not always right. Stating the nature’s law and depending on that is not something to be proud of. Death is inevitable, that is true, but so is Life. Life has given me Immense of opportunities to arrange the sequences in my order.

death is inevitable

I could have a life of no use, where my only investment would be made in the kitchen or probably to raise kids, just like any other Indian woman. But God has been kind enough to treat me as a special child, give me the utmost importance, which I do not deserve, but then I figured out if not me then who? Before me, there was hardly anyone who dared to take so many responsibilities on their own, even the male members gave death stares to me, despite knowing what I was up to. My dream, my school of educating young minds was ridiculed and even got destroyed many times. I saw death from a very close proximity, I sensed it, I almost got drowned in it.

Government and Us

There were my soulmates who actually helped me to breathe, to rejoice in life. Now those who say death is inevitable I believe they rarely sense what life is, when Life can not give you certain prospects then you seem to get along with death, death is a stage, or probably is a mental state. There are so many sisters and brothers of mine, who are literally alive but are dead from inside. They lost jobs in this covid pandemic, they lost dear ones due to a failing health infrastructure, they lost hope to live. Death did not touch them in real life, but the hollowness of it took everyone inside.

Those who say death will end everything, why can’t they believe that with life they could actually change the badness, the cruelty, providing death over life, is not meaningful unless you do something to make your life a memorable Journey. I guess I tried every bit to accomplish that, now rest is in process, but definitely not in peace.

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  1. You will be successful women and one day you will be rule the country,

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