Worship the real life heroes !

Worship the real life heroes .Being a woman, especially a muslim woman it was hard for me to choose someone who is a real life hero, all my life I have been told how to be an Ideal woman, and to become one what I have to do. I have never encountered a moment with anyone talking about real life heroes, I again want to rephrase the thing I am gonna write down here, maybe for a second thought that I can crosscheck all these.

Worship the real life

Religious affiliations do not make any role to decide who you should consider as a role model, or who should be motivating you at your worst. But religious beliefs are being imposed in a wrong way most of the time.

Its okay to have a minimalist life !

What we read through religious scriptures that do not come out most of the times, we are being given a different kind of treatment where despite taking our consent we are given the lesson to idolize someone or more than one person for doing something great in life, I just want to throw a little question to all my readers that if a character can not make much relatable connect to you and your soul.

Will you be able to consider that character to be your own, we the normal citizen who have very minimum demands from life, want somebody who can be our real friends, just the way we see in tv shows or in some movies. Life heroes are the ones who should be living a life like us but the extraordinary, unadulterated characteristics should be highlighting some of the flaws in us, so that we aim to become one.

But here in India the false conceptions of religious beliefs are so omnipresent that people think one day they can do things like the religious heroes do, how is that possible, in a third world country  you are expecting some miracles to happen, dear good fellow, are you in a deep sleep state?

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